Cleanse your spirit and become holy

To be holy is to be spiritually clean, pure. As holy people we devote ourselves to God.

 When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are cleansed from our sins. We become children of God. God is holy, and His children are holy. The Bible teaches us how to live our new lives.

 Second Corinthians 7:1 reads, “Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” (KJV)

The fifth chapter of Ephesians is one portion of Scripture that teaches us what our lives should be like when we are children of God. We love, because we allow God to love through us. Instead of losing ourselves in irreverent foolishness, we learn to live in a way that brings glory to God, ever thankful and praising God for His blessings. Obeying the teachings of the Bible helps us to continually grow toward spiritual maturity, to grow in holiness.

Romans 12:1 gives us insight into the difference in the conduct of people whose lives are consecrated to God and those who follow the world’s values:

“Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (KJV).

The Holy Bible is our guide to what holiness looks like, and to living holy lives.


Trust God and He Will Answer on Time

Our schedule is not God’s schedule. We usually want to see immediate answers to our prayers. We don’t understand why the omnipotent God does not grant our requests in our time. But we can be sure that when we become His children through faith in Jesus, He will answer each prayer in time to meet our need.


I witnessed God’s loving response in the simple matter of finding misplaced car keys. Heading toward the door, I gathered my things to go to work. Then I noticed that my car keys were not in their usual place. I began to search, then stopped to pray.  “Please show me where the keys are.”  I continued searching, my frustration growing. After about fifteen minutes, I gave up and picked up the phone to call a taxi.  As I touched the key pad, my eyes fell to a chair that was partially pushed under a table. In it sat my keys. I sat the phone down and thanked God. He had indeed answered my prayer, and in time for me to arrive at the office at just about the minute I was due. I saw my need to learn to trust God to answer on time.

Too Dye!

Luke 14:11

“For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be.”

Often times, when people gain power and fame and become wealthy, they often exalt themselves. They become vain and think that they are better than others. They treat the people around them as though they are beneath them.

With positive advancement and fame in life can come negativity changes in personality.

It is up to the person to stay humble toward God, themselves, and others.

Stay humble toward God. He is the one that gives you all of the blessings you have. He can easily take it away.

Stay humble toward others. When you rise up in life, don’t treat others as though they are nothing. God forbid you fall from grace, those people that you treated badly will be the ones you will see coming down.

Stay humble to yourselves. Humble people have…

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How to Apply the Word of God to Life

whyEphesians 4:11 tells us that God gives the church pastors and teachers for the ministry of teaching. Verses twelve and thirteen describe the purpose of this ministry, which includes the edification of  the church.

As Christians, we need to be taught what the Word of God says and how to apply it in our lives.

Non-believers need to be taught the Word of God to make a decision to follow Christ. God has established the church as the place for His Word to be declared and taught. These facts establish the importance of attending church.

In His love for us God has provided a  means of ensuring His Word is set forth during our worship experience. Consider 1 Corinthians 2, which tells us that the Spirit of God provides insight into His Word. First Corinthians 12 emphasizes that God places the gift of teaching within the church, and that wisdom and knowledge, insight essential for teaching God’s Word, are gifts of the Holy Spirit of God.  God speaks to the church through pastors and teachers who are inspired and led by His Holy Spirit.

A good thing to remember!

Too Dye!

Daily Inspiration: Matthew 22:36-40

Above any and every relationship we have in this world, our relationship with God is most important. We must love God with all our mind, heart, and soul. God loves us with everything inside of him. So much so that He gave his only son so that we may have an everlasting life. He is the only person we have that will never leave us nor forsake us. We can trust him and He will give us all that we need and want beyond all that we can ask or think. God Is love, and all that it means. Love Him.

You shall love your neighbors as yourself. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Love them. Don’t judge them. Give to them. Serve them. Be good to them. Give love to them as love is given to you by God. For even Jesus Christ came to serve…

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How Do We Hear God’s Voice?

We hear God’s voice whenever we read or listen to His Word as recorded in the Holy Bible, the inspired Word of God.


Prayer and Bible study prepare us to hear God speak through His Word.  As we internalize God’s Word, we open the way for His guidance. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit of God lives in us when we have accepted Jesus as our Savior…Do you ever feel the Bible is just too hard to understand, so why bother?  The Holy Spirit is the gift God has given believers to help us to understand what He is saying to us. The Holy Spirit within us will tailor verses of Scripture to speak to our personal problem or need. The Holy Spirit is the best moral compass we can have.  He will guide us as we make the decisions we all face,such as job or career choices, handling interpersonal relationships, determining the best social groups to join while living a life that honors God..


We must devote ourselves to God, and obey His Word. As we submit our lives to God, we learn to hear His voice.

Why I Wrote ‘Listening to the Voice of God’


I wrote Listening to the Voice of God after many urgings from the Holy Spirit. God led me to share what He has taught me with others. I believe both Christians and non-Christians will be encouraged and inspired as they read the book. Many people would like to believe that God communicates with us, but can’t believe they can personally have the experience. I believe that sharing my experiences as God led me to seek and to trust Him will be thought-provoking, I believe it can help to restore hope to many people.

God knows who we are. He cares, We just need to seek him.  He may not communicate with all of us in the same way all of the time, but He wants to guide us. We must realize who God is, then want to have Him rule our lives. That’s the first step. His Word, the Holy Bible tells us that. 

That’s why I emphasized listening to His voice. I would like to help bring those who are undecided a step closer to accepting Jesus into their hearts and lives for a far richer life experience. I believe God’s Word, much quoted in the book, will bless those who read it.